My name is Edward Nevraumont. As Leon mentioned in last week's issue I am taking over responsibility for the newsletter as Leon and Simone take on the far more important responsibility of a new child. I am so happy for both of them. I will try my best to fill their shoes here at Startup Curated.

My general belief is that many business professionals get divided into two camps: Those focused on long term brand building, who are often not credible for CFOs, and those focused on performance marketing, who require short-term feedback and often miss on opportunities to create long term value. I have been on a mission to create a group committed to a "third way" - data aware, but focused on doing the right thing for the long term.

I have been writing a weekly essay at Marketing BS since May 2019. More recently I have added a weekly "briefing" covering "what a third way marketer needs to know from the past week".

This week's essay: Programmatic Advertising, Cookies, Tracking and Targeting

For now I will be sharing the weekly briefing here every Saturday. I hope you find it valuable. More to come over the next few weeks!

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  • Facebook: The social media giant is integrating its messaging apps. This will both make it more difficult to break up the company (as they explained in their “unrelated” 14-page public letter to regulators), but also make it easier to serve ads at a “market rate” by increased potential ad density.
  • Facebook 2: Facebook has a new CMO. Two interesting things here:
    1. Alex Schultz is VERY different from their previous CMO. Usually a company of Facebook’s size is looking for a strong brand marketer and/or someone with experience dealing with regulators (“Marketing to Regulators”), but Schultz is not that. Schulz was previously VP of analytics, and presumably knows data really well, but has no significant experience in, for example, big budget ad campaigns (one of the requirements for the job was “has managed $500MM+ brand marketing budgets,” which shows how little job requirements matter on job postings). “His appointment signals Facebook may be taking a more analytical approach to promoting its products."
    2. Schultz will continue to report to Javier Olivan, the VP of growth, and will continue to work on “data crunching” in addition to his new role. It is not often the CMO reports to a VP and still gets to open Excel every day. This is an unusual strategy, and it is worth watching closely to see how it plays out
  • Amazon: Introduced AmazonOne which lets you “Pay with your Palm”. Amazon is making it available to other retailers making this effectively a competitor to ApplePay and GooglePay (which let you pay with your phone) - but it is even more convenient. There are all sorts of privacy issues here, but convenience and friction reduction is incredibly powerful. And most people just don’t care about theoretical privacy problems.


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  • Incentives: YouTube posted a tweet (since deleted) complaining about how too many creators drag out their video length longer than needed, perhaps unaware that this is how YouTube has incentivized creators through their own payment model… \
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COVID and the New World Order

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