As you might recall, we were considering to get Startup Curated a new owner. And luckily, a lot of you have reached out with interest and love, which eventually led to a special someone that will keep you up to date going forward. His name is Edward Nevraumont, ex CMO of General Assembly and author at Marketing BS, see his latest weekly briefing or listen to this podcast/interview with Fred Swaniker for an example of what he delivers.

After 290 issues, we are sorry to have to say goodbye, but with this new chapter in life comes prioritization, and we are looking forward to reinventing ourselves.

Thank you for contributing, curating, subscribing, reading, and all the lovely fan mail over the years! We will miss it. Our email addresses are added to our names below, feel free to stay in touch.

We are confident Edward will be able to keep you informed and entertained, and we would like to wish him and all of you the very best,

Leon, Raymond, and Simone, Startup Curated


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Leon, Raymond, and Simone, Startup Curated