On the hard and soft sides related of running a startup

Yes, data is key. But don't forget to do things that don't scale. A good mix of quantitive and qualitative focused research and ops is what keeps a startup human, and can actually ensure growth.

We've got 7,466 subscribers now. We learned that asking you to share it on Twitter didn't generate most new subscribers (those actually come from new #startup members). So from now on, we are not going to ask you to go out of your way to share Curated. But we did learn a lot from the interaction we got with you on the questions we asked you in the last edition, so be prepared for more :)

As you might have noticed, we've been playing with the categories and topics in SF Curated since its inception, and we would like to find out what topics you'd actually like us to curate. Which ones are you missing? Which ones do you look forward to the most?

I hope you do know that we welcome you to send us content you think deserves a spot. Feel free to co-curate with us!

Enjoy your weekend and do something that doesn't scale, but keep track


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