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Hi there, and thanks for reading/scanning our Curated all the way to the bottom. Where last weeks email was very lengthy, we kept it shorter and on point this time. Our goal is to create a valuable email you're looking forward to receive during your well deserved weekend. We know this is a tough goal, but without it, Curated could easily become one of those emails you'd want to get rid off. If you have any feedback on how we can make Curated better, we want you to reach out, seriously.

If you already like what you get, we appreciate you sharing the list and getting your network on board. Tweet: 'Looking for the best #startup content? Join: cc. @StartupFNDTN'. We're giving out 10 open invites to #startup amongst all tweets.

Have a great weekend, Leon, Eleftheria, Jeff, Sujan & Anuj

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