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Expanding Curated

Hey there! We hope you are having a great weekend and that this week's Curated can contribute to that. If you are out and about doing amazing things, this email can and will wait.

Last Monday Bram Kanstein posted Curated to Product Hunt, and we received tons of up-votes, thank you for that. Due to this, our list nearly doubled in size with 2559 new subscribers since Monday. We're happy that so many of you have decided to join us, please feel welcome.

This week we found a ton of great content, and we are wondering if we need a max. or min. amount of links in our weekly? If you have an opinion about this, feel free to reply. Our current stance is a minimum of 10, with no max. limit as far as the quality is ace. We are also experimenting with the design and the categories, and really look forward to receive your feedback on this.

We hope you enjoy the content in this weeks issue as much as we did. If you do, please help us to grow and tweet: I just received my weekly Curated, check it out on and subscribe for yours, it's worth it.

Thanks for reading, Leon, Eleftheria, Jeff, Sujan and Anuj

ps: Think you'll be great at curating the most important startup news of the week? Get in touch!

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