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A near death experience is one event that can change everything. A businessman had such an event and after staring death in the face he used his experience to create a new business from scratch. Keeptree has already raised a significant amount and is touching thousands of lives with its product. This shows that something unexpected can turn out to be a great opportunity.

Buffer just laid off 10 of its employees, which is never something to cheer about. But, in true Buffer style, Joel lays it all out and shares what they learned from the ordeal. This is exactly the kind of article we created Startup Curated for. For lessons learned, from other founders, to be spread to all founders interested. If you write these kind of articles, head to the footer.

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We created Startup Curated to share the valuable insights founders gathered and the lessons learned during their journey. Some of those founders take the time to share those by writing it all down. And we feel those stories often deserve to be shared, and read by others.

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