Last night was a shock, but we are not afraid.

As you might have learned, Paris got attacked by terrorists last night. We have been following the news and want to let our subscribers from France, or otherwise affected by the events, know that we care and hope this is the last act of terror they have to endure.

We wanted to provide you with just the very best this week, so you can give your mind a break from the situation if you need one. Let's not forget that us founders are often trying to create a better world. And hopefully some of us will find ways to make these events harder to occur, or ways to ever so slightly improve and inform upon the situation.

On a side note, some of us at Startup Foundation will be flying to San Francisco tomorrow to attend the Lean Startup conference. We're planning a small get together for all our #startup members and Curated subscribers in the region. Please feel free to RSVP, there will be leaders from the Lean Startup movement, founders and proper food and drinks on us.

Stay unafraid,

Leon & Larry

Startup Foundation


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