Sometimes you have to "lean out"

Yesterday was International Women's Day, and unfortunately, we still need it. All over the world women still, do not get the same opportunities in the workplace as men. Some companies suggest introducing a temporary quota to increase the number of women in management positions. But is legislation the only solution?

Rather than waiting for meaningful change, many women are leaving the security of a steady salary to create businesses of their own. In 2018, in the US alone there was a 16 percent increase in female-owned small businesses. And the number of companies started by women of color has more than doubled since 2016. So rather than "leaning in" many women are choosing to "lean out" and start their own business.

We are not there yet of course. Women entrepreneurs still face a lot of difficulties (for example low access to Venture Capital) but you cannot stop them, they are here to stay!

Simone, Startup Curated

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