Juicero is shutting down, this isn't even one crazy example, but there are many other insane concepts that have been funded extremely well and eventually crashed this year. The worst part? Its founders are likely all living it up on the playa at Burning Man at the moment. Who's to blame, the careless founders or the 'risky business' VCs? Should we even care?

On crazy: we are heading to Pirate Summit this coming week, which is hands down, the worlds craziest startup conference. The pirates have been so kind to offer us a 30% community discount, which you can claim by using code STARTUP.FOUNDATION on your application. You will still need to be accepted though, so make sure you're ready to walk the plank 😉☠

If you're heading to Pirate Summit, or would love to, please reply so we can catch up, get you onboard and plan a meetup!

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