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I hope you're enjoying August, as it's either the time to grind or to relax. We are at the office today, so I guess we're at it with the former.

I want to share two things real quick: First of all, we passed 25.000 subscribers this week, and are adding hundreds per week 🚀 💯 📈 We are really excited about this as it motivates us to pay even more attention to Startup Curated. The other thing is that we're doing a Summer Sponsorship Sale. We are selling a limited amount of packs of four slots in Startup Curated before we increase our rates again. Good sponsors don't come easy, so we're gonna make you an offer you can't refuse 🐴

If you want to reach founders, investors, intrapreneurs and startup talent, be sure to book your slots today, or before the end of August.

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